About Us

Pump It Up Supplements LLC was started started as a passion project by body builder Eslam Ghaly. With years of knowledge and experience, Eslam set out to help others reach their goal of whole body wellness.

Originally from Alexandria, Egypt, Eslam’s first love was soccer. At the age of 16, he decided to train to play pro soccer at Smith’s Club. Every day, to stay in shape he would head off to the gym with friends, where he discovered BODYBUILDING.  From then on, he knew what he wanted to do, and he hasn’t looked back since. 

As he worked towards building his body and honing his skills as a bodybuilder, he earned his bachelor’s degree in commerce at age 22.  Soon after, in 2002, he began a new career as a personal trainer at the Muscle Gym in Alexandria. At age 26, he decided to compete in his first contest and won 2nd place in Alexandria Second class in 90 kg.  He also has won 2nd Place, Middle-Weight, First Class in Alexandria. 

While in Qatar, Eslam worked as an accountant for two years but he never stopped working out and got in really great shape. He moved to the United States in 2011, and while he took care of his family, he continued going to the gym at least twice per week until he was ready to compete again. He has won 2nd Place, NPC East Coast 2012 Master Over 35 Years, and 7th Place in NPC East Coast 2015 bodybuilding 164 lb. 

Now, as he continues to compete, with his years of experience and knowledge, he strives to guide others in reaching their goals with muscle building, endurance, recovery, general wellness and weight loss.

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